About Me

 I stepped into a department store full of hope, excitement and money (one of my premium bonds came in.). I was an expectant mother, only to discover there was nothing there for me. I didn't have 'the bump'. I'm a mum, I wipe poo off most household items, drop and roll to the potty when its called for quicker than any Marvel superhero. My little boy just happens to be adopted, that's all. I started blogging, thought it better to take my lack of equality frustrations out on a keyboard. Save the old marriage. 

I was inundated by parents who'd had a similar experience and shared the same frustrations. They just wanted to be able to shop. (who doesn't?) 

If there's nothing out there for you, create something right? I bribed a few connections, sold my wedding dress, turned my spare room into NFM HQ (Sorry dad, I hear the premier inn do a pukka fry-up). 

I wanted to create a brand that's inclusive on so may levels. Child safety and inclusivity was at the forefront of my branding. By printing designs on the back of children's clothing it enables  pictures to be shared online and celebrated safely. I want retail equality for all types of families. This isn't just a shop just for parents, its for all the warriors out there also on their journey to parenthood, You're all very welcome here.  I hope people get that buzz of excitement when they see something that is perfect for them or someone they know.

 I wouldn't want to do any of this without being able to give back to the charity closet to my heart; Barnardos UK.  Without these guys, I would never have fulfilled my dream of becoming a mother. 10% of every sale will be going directly to them. That way, more dreams can come true and forever homes found. 

I really hope you find something here that you love. 

If not, you MUST let me know.