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Memory bear
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Memory bear

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A memory bear is a wonderful way to encapsulate memories of before during and after adoption, taking the special sentiments of the first time you met, introductions or what they were wearing when they first met family members and turning them into memories to keep forever.


"Most parents will talk about how it only seemed like yesterday they got to hold their baby. For  a mother like me, the reality is it was such a short amount of time. To have this bear made from Nemo's littlest clothes since he came home, allows me to hold onto that part of him for a lot longer then yesterday." NFM 


It can also be a lovely way to support the transition phase or even at matching stage to introduce yourself to your child by having a bear made out of your own clothes.


Each bear is made from a selection of special items, from blankets, to knitted jumpers and everything in between, they can be embroidered with names, dates, mottos and even a handwritten message to make them even more special.


Each bear is stuffed with wool which means when you give them a cuddle they will warm with you, as wool is insulating, it gives them a wonderful weight and heirloom quality, which just isn’t achievable with polyester stuffing.


They are complete with a heart shaped felt nose, which gives each bear a unique personality and character, like each person the bear is made for.


The bears sits at 30cm tall, or from head to toe is 40cm so is a great size for showing off items of clothing.


Approximately 6-10 children’s items are needed to create a bear, and a minimum of 1 adult item of clothing although, 3 is the optimum amount to create character.



Care instructions:


Bears should be spot cleaned only as it is not advised to machine wash.


Please note these bears are not toys, they are cherished keepsakes. They cannot be CE tested due to the fabric being clothing, therefore they should not be given to children under the age of 14 to be played with, although a cuddle is encouraged under supervision.

* Please allow for a maximum twelve week turnaround due to the exceptional standard of craftsmanship- NFM